Safari video tag without referer header

    07 Aug 2013

    We're building a website which needs to play video online, we know it's pretty easy for modern browsers who support html5, like chrome and safari, they all support video tag, which can play video files online directly.

    <video controls>
      <source src="RESOURCE URL HERE" />

    It's supposed to work for most cases, but our video resources are uploaded to s3...

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    How to render, upload and download large files on heroku with s3

    18 Jun 2013

    I'm consulting on a rails project on heroku, it involves generating a large pdf for customer, so you must already guess it led to 30s timeout on heroku.

    At first, I handled it with common sense, moving pdf render to a background job, in the client side, it polls the status of bj, if job is complete, then render the pdf.

    Everything works fine on my laptop, but after pushing to heroku, it succeed to running then job, polling the status, but finally it can't find the generated pdf. Then I realized web dyno and worker dyno are runni...

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