passenger with http_gzip_static_module

    27 Feb 2012

    Rails 3.1 has been released for a long time, asset pipeline becomes more and more popular, I also upgraded my rails website.

    I used nginx + passenger for my rails projects, but nginx only supports dynamic gzip support (compress in runtime), there is a http_gzip_static_module for nginx, which can make full use of rails asset pipeline.

    I don't like the way to customize my Nginx installation during passenger installation, I found there is a pull request to add http_gzip_static_module, so I changed to source code of passenger...

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    passenger with redis

    12 Dec 2011

    Today I encountered an issue that passenger forks too many workers than what we set (6) on qa servers. I used strace, the passenger worker is blocked by failed to writing to a socket, like

    select(15, [], [13], [], [58, 915000])

    fd 13 is a socket.

    I also tried netstat and found the status for some redis socket connections are CLOSE_WAIT.

    So I judged this is the problem the ruby redis clients are not cl...

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