newrelic-grape released

    21 Dec 2012

    No instrumentation, no performance tuning!

    This is my first time to use grape to build an api service, grape repo has more than 2k watchers, but I'm surprised there is no existing newrelic grape suppport, I just found some gists to do it, and this blog post gave me the idea to add newrelic instrument as grape middleware, but it's not the standard way newrelic recommends.

    So I released newrelic-grape gem to help you integrate newrelic into grape.

    What you need to do is

    require "ne...
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    newrelic-rake released

    12 Oct 2012

    4 months ago, I released newrelic-workling gem, which helps us montior the performance of background jobs. We used it to find out a GC performance issue. But we still have some cron jobs, who call rake tasks, running in the black box.

    So I created a new project newrelic-rake that adds newrelic instrument for rake tasks. Now when I go to the newrelic, I can see the rake tasks listed in Background tasks section, it shows me the average execution time and call count for all rake tasks.

    newrelic rake tasks

    I can also see the performance breakdown for each rake...

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    newrelic-workling released

    07 Jun 2012

    We are using workling with RabbitMQ as our background service and monitoring RabbitMQ on scout. Last month, we released a new background job which generates tons of messages in RabbitMQ, then messages in RabbitMQ queue kept growing, that means our workling processes are not many enough to handle that messages. We fixed it by reverting that job, using cron job to handle instead.

    We thought about this accident, and we decided to add newrelic support to measure workling instrument, so that we can have an idea about how many messages generates for each...

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