bullet 4.0.0 released

    09 May 2012

    bullet is designed to help you reduce the number of db queries, such as adding eager loading to kill n+1 queries and removing unused eager loadings.

    bullet works well in activerecord from 2.1 to 3.2 before, today I released bullet 4.0.0, it starts to support mongoid (>= 2.4.1) now.

    Why does bullet need to support mongoid? Does mongo also have n+1 queries issue?

    The answer is yes, check out the performance metric of mongoid eager loading, about 40% pe...

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    bullet 2.3.0 released

    25 Mar 2012

    bullet is a gem to help you increase your application's performance by reducing the number of sql requests it makes. Today I released bullet 2.3.0 to better support rails 3.1 and 3.2 and performance improved. It's a long time I didn't do any changes to bullet, let me tell you the story I work for bullet 2.3.0.

    At the beginning of this month, bullet got its 1000th watcher on github, I realized it's time to improve it e.g. speed up and compatible with edge rails.

    The first thing I did is to refactor tests. Before I created several rspec tests, but they are more like integration tests instead of unit tests, so I move them to spec/integration/ directory. Then I added a bunch of test units to cover all codes, which can promise the correctness of furth...

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