Use paperclip without activerecord

31 Oct 2013

Recently I built an image upload api which didn't use activerecord, but I don't want to handle resizing image thumbnails by myself, so I decided to reuse paperclip.

Paperclip is an easy file attachment management for ActiveRecord, but we used activemodel without activerecord, I found a gist which gave me a simple solution, but it was not enough. We continued the hacking work.

1. defined the attachment path and url. Paperclip used AR id partition in default path, but activemodel don't have id attribute, so I have to override the attachment path and url

# config/initializers/paperclip.rb
Paperclip.interpolates :uuid_partition do |attachment, style|

# app/models/image.rb
has_attached_file :attachment,
  styles: { three_dot_five_inch: "640x960>", four_inch: "640x1136>" },
  path: ":rails_root/public/system/:attachment/:uuid_partition/:style/:filename",
  url: "/system/:attachment/:uuid_partition/:style/:filename"

def initialize
  @uuid ='-', '')

Instead of auto incremented id, I used uuid partition for attachment path and url, because it's more scalable.

2. run_callbacks during save, which will also trigger paperclip callbacks

define_model_callbacks :save, only: [:after]

def save
  run_callbacks :save do

Then you can handle the attachment by activemodel and paperclip, I pasted all code on gist here.


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