Safari video tag without referer header

07 Aug 2013

We're building a website which needs to play video online, we know it's pretty easy for modern browsers who support html5, like chrome and safari, they all support video tag, which can play video files online directly.

<video controls>
  <source src="RESOURCE URL HERE" />

It's supposed to work for most cases, but our video resources are uploaded to s3, and our s3 policy for video resources is only when HTTP referer header is one of our websites, then the video resources can be accessed, this is used to prevent our video resources to be played on other website.

I noticed the videos are played welled on chrome, but not on safari, after some time's digging, I found the chrome will send requests to fetch video resources with expected http headers, including referer header, but safari's video requests won't carry any http header, it causes the video requests are refused by s3.

One solution is to use flash video player, which sends requests with proper http headers, although flash is old, it's still installed on most of computers, but it won't help on ios devices (iphone and ipad). So the only way to make it work on ios is to change our s3 policy, allow the special referer header "empty".


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