another redis automatic failover solution for ruby

13 Jan 2013

Redis gets more and more popular as a backend storage, so the redis failover solution becomes important before you use redis as a critical resource.

Currently the most popular automatic master/slave failover solution for ruby is redis_failover, it's based on ZooKeeper, if you already have ZooKeeper in your infrastructure, it's great.

But I noticed that redis already has a built-in automatic failover solution, called Redis Sentinel. In case you didn't heard of it, please read the official document, it's simple and no other external dependency. I searched on github, but none was working well. I have to implement it by myself.

The key point is you never connect to redis master server directly. Instead, you talk to redis sentinel servers, ask them where is the master server, and then connect to the redis master server.

When your redis master server down, your redis sentinel servers will tell you a new master server, so you just disconnect old server and connect to new master server

My soluion is a monkey-patch to redis-rb gem, it's redis-sentinel, before it tries to connect redis server, it firstly asks redis sentinels where is master server, then connect as usual. Try it and give me the feedback.


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