jruby-memcached 0.5.0 released

22 Aug 2012

I just released jruby-memcached 0.5.0, it contains the following changes:

  1. add travis-ci support, testing jruby-18mode, jruby-19mode and jruby-head environment.
  2. update spymemcached to 2.8.3, which set shouldOptimize to false by default, there are some bugs with true shouldOptimize so far.
  3. fix increment/decrement issue, in < 0.5.0, incr/decr with unmarshal encode while get with marshal decode.
  4. accept exception_retry_limit option.
  5. add Memcached::ATimeoutOccurred error to handle timeout case, otherwise you will probably see following error.
ActionView::TemplateError: undefined method `clean_message' for #<Java::NetSpyMemcached::OperationTimeoutException:0x26e02e71>

check out the full code changes here.


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