bullet 4.0.0 released

09 May 2012

bullet is designed to help you reduce the number of db queries, such as adding eager loading to kill n+1 queries and removing unused eager loadings.

bullet works well in activerecord from 2.1 to 3.2 before, today I released bullet 4.0.0, it starts to support mongoid (>= 2.4.1) now.

Why does bullet need to support mongoid? Does mongo also have n+1 queries issue?

The answer is yes, check out the performance metric of mongoid eager loading, about 40% performance improved. 1 year ago I already created a gem mongoid-eager-loading to add eager loading feature in mongoid, it is deprecated as mongoid has already supported eager loading natively.

Be aware that bullet for mongoid doesn't support 2 level deep eager loading and counter cache because they are not supported in mongoid so far.

What about mongomapper, I'd like to support it in future, but I have no experience in it, does anybody have interests to implement it? Feel free to contact me.

Another big improvement in 4.0.0 is much better integration tests. If you check out the source code, you will see I separate different integration tests for activerecord 2, activerecord 3 and mongoid, I also add these integration tests to different Gemfiles, and ask travis to test all of them for bullet, see the build result.

If you have any problems to use bullet gem, feel free to mail me, tweet me or open an issue on github.


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