passenger with redis

12 Dec 2011

Today I encountered an issue that passenger forks too many workers than what we set (6) on qa servers. I used strace, the passenger worker is blocked by failed to writing to a socket, like

select(15, [], [13], [], [58, 915000])

fd 13 is a socket.

I also tried netstat and found the status for some redis socket connections are CLOSE_WAIT.

So I judged this is the problem the ruby redis clients are not closed correctly. This reminds me that passenger fork() nature, I checked our source codes, unfortunately, we didn't do anything special for passenger fork.

This is the link tells you how to close the redis connection after passenger forks a worker. After deploy the new codes to qa servers, passenger never forks more workers than we expected. But the workers still hang up according strace result, that means some workers keep inactive status, they won't be able to handle any requests. Wooops...

I looked through the redis-rb source codes, we used redis 2.0.5, it didn't handle TIMEOUT error and always retry writing to redis. Fortunately, the latest redis version is 2.2.2 and it already fixed this issue, retry 3 times, if still failed, the release the connection.

Now it works fine, no unexpected additional passenger workers and no unexpected inactive workers.


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